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Mission Ready Rolling Duffel
Item: 9ABF-56005
Brand: 5.11 Tactical

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Our Mission Rolling Duffle Bag is the only duffle bag you'll need for any of your missions or travels. This gear bag is just the right size for checked baggage or can be used as a gear storage bag in your vehicle's trunk. It is easy to transport even when fully loaded and its design allows quick access when you need your gear.


Designed for any operation, the Mission Rolling Duffle Bag has all the storage space you'll need for your gear and clothing. When your duffle bag is fully loaded we've made sure that it is easy to transport by including a collapsible handle, heavy-duty wheels and axle, and reinforced bottom corners and skids. When you're ready to access your gear, the bag opens up easily for access to the main compartments and pockets. When you are ready to roll, the duffle bag zips up quickly and can be compressed and secured with the zippers and adjustable high impact locking clasps.


Measuring 30" by 20" by 13", with two large main compartments, three internal mesh pockets and five external pockets, the Mission Rolling Duffle Bag is a versatile storage duffle bag. The bottom main compartment features a mesh divider and has tie down straps along with 3 mesh pockets. It's easy to see your gear through the mesh divider and can be used to stow your hard gear while the top compartment can carry your soft items such as clothing. The remainder of your small items goes into the five external pockets.


Made with 1,600-denier nylon, this duffle bag is designed to last. The Mission Ready Duffle Bag features quality YKK zippers and high impact plastic clasps to ensure the protection and security of your personal gear. As an added feature we've included reinforced bottom corners and skids to protect your bag and its contents. You can be sure that this duffle bag will stand up to the rigors of any mission.


The quality and versatility of the Mission Rolling Duffle Bag make this piece of equipment an exceptional value. Whether you use it as your main travel duffle bag or for emergency storage and long term storage the Mission Rolling Duffle Bag will serve you well. Leave it to 5.11 to bring quality, functionality and value to our gear duffle bag line.


  • Measures 30"X20"X13"
  • Weight = 5.2kg,
  • Heavy duty wheels and axle
  • Collapsible handle
  • Internal Mesh Divider
  • Five external pockets
  • Reinforced bottom corners and skids
  • Adjustable high impact plastic locking clasps
  • Four external carry handles
  • 1,600-denier nylon
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