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Plain Clothes Carry Zippered Pouch
Item: 9RE-70-0350

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This is the pouch that holds our Plain Clothes Carry Kit. It is small (6" x 4" x .75") and discreet, yet capable of handling up to 24 cubic inches of first aid or trauma supplies. It is a true organizer, with two full panel inside pockets and four elastic retainer loops. Robust construction is complemented with double zipper pulls for easy opening. This pouch will hold all generations of SOFT-T windlass tourniquets. When filled, it fits easily into a jacket pocket, and has bidirectional straps on the back that allow it to be belt-mounted both vertically and horizontally It can be attached to a duty vest both vertically or horizontally with the addition of the 4" Mod Strap. Perfect for personal EDC, or for kits that must fit in a glove-box, tackle box, bugout bag, or anywhere else that has space constraints.
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